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  FlashQ/Ard! the application.

The FlashQ/Ard! iPhone app is a very simple and intuitive flash card application that works with Apple's iPhone, iTouch and iPad. With FlashQ/Ard! you can study your own flash cards or the cards shared by others.

With the FlashQ/Ard! iPhone app and this web portal you create your own flash cards to use on your iPhone or iTouch. Create, study, excel, it's that simple! To start, create a text file formatted to our guidelines (more later) and upload it to our server. Once it is on the server, it is available to download and study from within the FlashQ/Ard! application. The best part is that you are not just limited to the material and cards (or QArds and Q/Ard! Sets as we call them) that you create yourself, you can share your flash cards and study other's QArds as well.

So how does this work? How do you create the text file and format it for FlashQ/Ards! use? Again, it's very simple.
• First, download the FlashQ/Ard! application on to your iPhone (from iTunes on your computer or the App Store application on the iPhone or iTouch itself).
• Next, using any text editor (NotePad for Windows or TextEdit for Macintosh) create a text file with all of your questions and answers. Follow the guidelines below to format the text file. To really make things work, you'll also want to add a category to each question. And finally, if you want to share your QArds with others, add a reference to document your work. Each question should contain a category, the question, an answer and an optional reference. Category, Question, Answer, Reference. After you have written all of the questions and answers, use the pipe character (it's the straight up and down line, or |, it is shared with the backslash, or \, key) to seperate the category, question, answer and reference. Format the text so that it reads as follows;

Category 1|Question for category 1|An Answer|Reference
Category 1|Question number 2|Some Answer|Reference
Category 1|Question, the third one.|Answer for the 3rd question|Reference
Category 2|Question 4|Answer numero 4|Reference
Category 2|Question number 5|Answers to the fifth question|Reference
Category 2|The sixth Question|Answer 6|Reference
Category 3|Question 7, the last one|Answer for the last question, 7|Reference

(the character is a carriage return, or new line in your text file)

Once finished with the questions (you can always add, delete and edit them later) save the file as a .txt file. Next, create a free account on this website and upload the txt file on to our server using the form provided for Q/Ard! submissions. That's it! Open your copy of FlashQ/Ard! on your iPhone, navigate to the Manage Q/Ard! Sets area and click on Search. Find your Q/Ard! Set using the name you provided and select it to download on to your iPhone. Click load and then study and you're off!

Here is an example of a 3 card set;

Geography|Name the Great Lakes…|Huron, Superior, Erie, Ontario, Michigan|US Atlas, page 12
Geography|Which state has the longest coast line?|Alaska|US Atlas, page 14
History|When was the Declaration of Independence signed?|August 2, 1776|US History, page 2

Within your account, you can edit the Title, Description, and text of all your material. You can decide to share it or keep it all for yourself. If you really want to get into it, you can develop your own Q/Ard! Sets and, through our Premium Partner Program, sell them to others.

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  Recent News

January 25th - The latest update to the app is about a day from being uploaded to Apple. We've rewritten the app for iOS 7 compliance and added a great new feature: Smart Categories. Now you can populate a new category with keywords, on-the-fly!

April 29th - The server database has been upgraded and we're in the process of testing, if something isn't working properly, please email me at steve at Thanks!

January 27th - The website search tab is now functional with a more thourough search feature that allows you to look thru the thousands of qard sets users have contributed.

January 27th - Version 1.7 is in the works. A minor update is planned to add the ability to use bold in the question and answer cards and adds the ability to create a new category from a keyword. This custom category will allow you to search for every card in a set that contains one or more words and FQ will create a new cateogry with qards containing the key words.

October 5th - Version 1.6 is available! Feature additions include bookmarking (return to your place in a deck), Retina Display graphic improvements (but more to come) and several minor bug fixes; search sort (newest to oldest), category display bug that prevented some categories from displaying properly and some server-side import fixes, namely the disappearing Category bug.

August 17th - Version 1.6 is in testing and should be submitted for Apple's approval in the next few days. The biggest feature of this release is the ability to pick up where you left off while studying if you get interupted. The app remembers where you are in the stack when you come back later to continue studying. Other fixes are mostly related to the server, one listing new qard sets under the search tab in the app to show the newest shared qard sets, another to fix the import category bug (category names being skipped on import).

July 8th - Version 1.5 is now available and is fully compatible with iOS 3.0 - 4.0. The update includes a major bug fix which was crashing the app on load. Mostly the update addressed deprecated code that has all been removed and optimized.

July 2nd - Version 1.5 has been submitted to Apple for approval. This update fixes a bug that prevents the app from loading properly. It also optimizes the code and reduces load time. Currently, the solution is to relaunch the app (only in iOS 4.0) over and over until the app loads (it will!) Apple usually approves the updates within 4-6 days, the latest update was submitted Friday afternoon.

June 30th - Version 1.4 is available for download, this update addresses iOS 4.0 compatibility. There is still a problem on some iPhones when loading the app and it requires that the user relaunch the app 3 or 4 times until it finally loads (it will load). Once it has loaded, the app will relaunch without problem. I am working on another update and should have a fix posted soon.

June 23rd - A bug in version 1.3 prevents Flash Q/Ard! from loading properly in iOS 4.0. I've submitted an update to Apple to fix this issue. Another small update is in the works behind this critical update.

January 13th - Version 1.3 is finally available! This minor update adds line breaks using "/n" in your Question and Answer fields. Also fixed was a sort error with the Category listing. Categories are now displayed in the order they are entered.

October 25th - Added download count to the list of Q/Ard Sets on the user's profile so that users can see how many other users have downloaded their QArds.

October 10th - We're working on a fix in the app (in the 'Search' tab) which is not properly displaying the latest QArd sets that users have uploaded. It is a server side fix so it will not require an update to the App itself.

September 18th - Web edit is now available! Once QArd sets are submitted, you can add/delete and edit the Q/Ard set information, categories and questions, answers and references.

September 15th - Version 1.1 of the Flash Q/Ard! app is now available in iTunes. Thanks for your feedback, keep the suggestions coming, we're narrowing down the want list for the next update.


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